About us

Pilotkompaniet Scandinavia AB is a Swedish company with a physical store at Västerås Airport and an online shop. Made by pilots, for pilots. We have a large range of products for pilots, flight schools and those interested in aviation. Pilotkompaniet is an innovative company founded in year 2021.

We at Pilotkompaniet strive to be able to provide our customers with an efficient and excellent service with quality products and services.

We have a wide range of products and well-qualified employees with great professional expertise. We strive to help our customers to find the best and the most appropriate products in aviation. We are constantly working to develop new products in order to offer our customers the best ones. We work closely with our suppliers in order to develop products according to the customer's needs.

Recently, we've seen an increased interest in the aviation industry and therefore want to be involved in developing the market.