Brightline Pocket Cap Rear

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The FLEX POCKET CAP REAR is exactly the same as the POCKET CAP FRONT, except it's the "opposite": This module goes onto the Rear surface of any other FLEX module (not the Front).

Now you can have lots of small pockets on the REAR of your bag, to go along with all the small pockets you already have on the Front.

PCR:   The POCKET CAP REAR module offers a variety of pockets organized into three "main" pockets, each one with two "secondary" pockets, for a total of nine small pockets on the Rear panel.  There is also a flat half-height slip pocket on the inner surface of the module where you can stow an important document or two.

The key benefit of this PCR module is that you can put a second set of exterior pockets on the Rear of your bag, to go along with the ones that you already have on the Front of your bag.  More pockets - More organization.

The SLIM HANDLE KIT can also attach to this module in the case where you build a bag made up of only End Caps.  (See the INSTRUCTION SHEET).

The topmost pocket cover is completely removable for the purposes of getting it embroidered.  That way you can hand just the pocket cover to your embroidery person instead of the whole module. This makes it easy to customize and personalized your BrightLine Bag with your company logo, your name or initials, your tail number, etc. We've found historically that most times the customer tends to get the embroidery done themselves anyway, so we don't actually have any standard process for getting it done for you.

Please Note:  The POCKET CAP REAR is one-directional (as are ALL of the FLEX System modules).  It is always Rear-facing.  That means that it can only be zipped onto the Rear surface of any module.  You cannot zip a Pocket Cap Rear onto the Front surface of any Center Section.