VFR Chart Denmark 1:500 000

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Laminated VFR Chart

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Denmark VFR Aeronautical Chart – ICAO Chart 500k
Edition: 2020

Special features for this region:

  • TIZ Traffic Information Zone
  • TIA Traffic Information Area
  • FIS Flight Information Service Sector
  • Windfarm area, Offshore area
  • Windmills, Wind turbine
  • Maritime Transit Routes
  • VFR Route on selected aerodromes
  • Aerial sporting and recreational activities
  • Areas with sensitive fauna
  • Significant points (border crossing points)


All Rogers Data VFR charts are designed to the following criteria:

  • Denmark aeronautical chart on a scale of 1:500.000
  • According to ICAO Annex 4;
  • EU Commission Regulation; AIP
  • Clear representation of the ATS airspace structure
  • Detailed highly sophisticated terrain map with shading and relief
  • Airports, aerodromes and heliports with additional information
  • Radio Navigation Aids with name, frequency and morse code
  • Compulsory reporting points, reporting points on request, significant points (border crossing)
  • Danger- and restricted areas
  • Obstacles or group of obstacles
  • Minimum Grid Area Altitude
  • Isogonic line model with magnetic variation
  • With the Rogers Data navigation compass 500, track, time and distance in the scale of 1:500.000 can be easily measured


RDtech® Lamination Coating Technology:

2019 we have improved our VFR aeronautical charts. So all Rogers Data VFR charts will be issued with our brand-new and unique RD tech®  lamination coating technology.

It is not what you are thinking about. It is completly different from anything else that you have seen in the past.

So the great benefit of the new and unique RDtech®  technology is that all Rogers Data charts are almost impossible to tear and can be folded many times. They are designed to withstand excessive use while also being safe and easy to use.

Rogers Data VFR charts have a special laminate with a silk-matt finish that prevents reflections from the sun. They can be written on using our optimized permanent RDtech®  pens and still allows those markings to be removed residue-free with our optimized RDtech®  spray or RDtech®  cleaning tissue.

All this can be done multiple times and your laminated chart will still look like new.