Windsock 30 x 180 cm

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Red / White color. Size 30 x 180 cm.

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Windsocks by Holland Aviation.

Our windsocks are made of the finest European materials available.

The Windsock fabrics have been tested for Mechanical strength amd UV resistance. But also tested for color fastness all of this by an independent laboratory. The construction of the windsock allows a good water drainage.

The windsock is double stitched, with a reinforced front hem and grommets. It is also supplied with a lacing cord for an easy attachment to the swivel frame which can also be bought at

No filling up with rain and sagging of the fabric, because of the drainage strip at the bottom of the windsock.

It not only gives a reliable wind direction but also a wind speed indication.

For instance, the taper of the fabric windsock is from the throat to the trailing end designed to ensure that the windsock fully extends if exposed to a wind of 15 knots (28 km/hr or 17 mph).

The HA windsocks proven to withstand winds speeds in excess of 145 Km/h or 75  knots (ICAO requirement)


The red / white striped is the most famous version that you’ll often see alongside of the road. Yet many different colors are used internationally, such as orange (striped), green, blue and completely orange. In general, the colors are chosen in such a way that the entire installation is clearly visible in contrast with the background.